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Welcome to Wag-A-Holics, your go-to for dog training, boarding, and grooming needs. As a locally owned and operated business, we understand the importance of special care for your furry companion. Let us help your pup mature into a well-behaved dog, and we'll be with you every step of the way.

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Dog Training, Boarding and Grooming

Puppy Early Learners

Our Early Learners Program is a 3 week course with a 1 hour lesson per week. Includes video reference, email overview and homework.
We will help teach you the basics of rearing a well balanced pup into adulthood. We will cover potty training, kennel training, intro into basic commands, and how to curb unwanted behavior.​


$325 for 3 Lessons

Private Lessons

Private lessons is a 4 week course. We will meet once a week for 1 hour. Each lesson is an hour long. You will receive an email overview, homework and video reference after each lesson. 
Private Lessons are designed with specific goals in mind. This is ideal for the owner who has the time to be more hands on as we work on your dogs goals. ​


$800 for 4 Lessons

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Board and Train Packages

We offer 1 week, 2 week and 3 week Board and Train packages to meet your specific training goals. During your dog’s stay you will receive video guides for reference, email overview, and homework. Training includes basic obedience: Sit, Down, Recall (come when called), Boundaries, Place, Off (stop unwanted behavior), Walking, and any specific goals for your dog. There would be 3 follow up lessons. An hour-long lesson at pick up and 2 follow up lessons to teach the owners how to operate the tools, how to communicate new commands and how to progress their dogs training. It will also include 6 months of Group Class.​Board & Train is a fully immersive program that allows the trainer the opportunity to kickstart you dog's training and to guide your dog through its progress.​

1 week $1,430

2 Weeks $2,330

3 Weeks $3,230


*Price includes $230 in training materials.​

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Boarding for All!

We have an in-door and out-door dog run for your dogs to enjoy. We provide structured play time with the option to add group play or solo play. We also work on boundaries for no additional charge. We teach no bolting out the door. * We accept all dogs into boarding! That includes anxious (kennel anxiety/separation anxiety) and reactive (to people and/or dog) dogs.​


1 dog $60 per day

2 dogs $100 per day

3 dogs $145 per day​


10 + days qualifies for $10 discount per day.

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"PJ worked wonders on our 9 month old HIGH energy GSP pup, Guenther! He came back to us a changed dog after a week of board & train with Wag-a-holics. PJ was awesome to work with, great communication, patient with us as owners, quick to answer our follow-up questions, loved the email updates & videos too! Most importantly, you can tell he has a genuine love for dogs & the work he does! Highly recommend him for your training & boarding needs!"

Renee Young

Client during follow up lesson
Leash Manners w/ Kids too
Leash manners down stairs
Walking in Public
Engagement Exercises

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